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Gloves Jacquard Lace Touch Pad Finger Breathable 31 Variations

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Product information:

Pattern: Monochrome

Applicable Gender: Female

Function: Sun Protection

Material: lace



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Weight0.03 kg
Dimensions150 × 180 × 30 cm

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02C Elm Gray, 02C Yuqian Style Black, 02C Yuqian Style Flesh Pink, 02C Yuqian Style Light Pink, 02C Yuqian Style White, 05A Wheat Section Beige, 05A Wheat Section Black, 05A Wheat Section Flesh Pink, 05A Wheat Section Gray, 05A Wheat Section Light Pink, 05A Wheat Section White, 05C Butterfly Lace Black, 05C Butterfly Lace Flesh Pink, 05C Butterfly Lace Gray, 05C Butterfly Lace Light Pink, 05C Butterfly Lace Style Beige, 05C Butterfly Lace White, 06A Droplet Type Beige, 06A Droplet Type Black, 06A Droplet Type Flesh Pink, 06A Droplet Type Gray, 06A Droplet Type Light Pink, 06A Droplet Type White, FS11 Two Fingers Black, FS11 Two Fingers Flesh Pink, FS11 Two Fingers Gray, FS11 Two Fingers Light Pink, FS11 Two Fingers White, FS12 Camellia Black, FS12 Camellia Flesh Pink, FS12 Camellia Gray, FS12 Camellia Light Pink, FS12 Camellia White, FS13 Small Pearl Black, FS13 Small Pearl Flesh Pink, FS13 Small Pearl Gray, FS13 Small Pearl Light Pink, FS13 Small Pearl White, FS15 Small Butterfly Black, FS15 Small Butterfly Gray, FS15 Small Butterfly White


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